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The Annex spa partnership with Grace II Aesthetics will help you restore a youthful glow through the benefits of cosmetic injections, PRP/PRF and wellness training.

We believe that healthy living coupled with advancements in medical aesthetics allows patients to look as young as they feel.

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 Consultation - 20 minutes $150 

This appointment is done online with Dr Jody Timpson via video consultation. If you decide to proceed with a booking, the consultation fee will be waived or applied directly as a credit towards your upcoming appointment

Filler Injection - 40 minutes $600

Using hylauronic acid fillers and calciumhydroxylapatite collagen stimulators (Radiesse) for facial rejuvenation iwth volume restoration. PLease note; prices vary depending on the products used and amount required.

Toxin Injection - 20 minutes $10

These treatments are designed to decrease the movements of muscles injected. Typically, Dr Jody Timpson uses Xeomin or Nuceiva as the brand for this injection. 

Combination Toxin + Filler - 40 minutes 

For those wishing to to combine appoitments. ie) treat your frown lines + recieve lip augmentation filler. Pricing varies depending of the products used and the amount required

Two Week Toxin Follow up Appointment - 20 minutes $10

This appointment is for your two week post injection follow-up. Should you have any concerns or are a new client, this will give you an opportunity to come in and check your progress as well as make any necessary adjustments

Lipodissolve for Submental (chin) Fullness - 40 minutes $600

This is a treatment option with compounded deoxycholic acid to dissolve additional tissue under the chin giving the appearence of a 'double chin' and poor definition of the jaw line. This treatmnet often takes a series of injections (separated by 4 weeks) to achieve best results. Also, please note; the appearence of this area will most likely have swelling and redness over the first 3-5 days so please consider this when scheduling.

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